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Bible Prophecy Revealed

Apr 19, 2021

Do you remember the old TV program called Mission Impossible? Sometimes spreading the Good News of Jesus around the world seems like a Mission Impossible scenario but God is going to take charge of this Mission Impossible during these ‘last days’ by selecting his personal messengers to send to every people group on earth. It is difficult to estimate exactly how many people groups are in the world today but the best guess, is 16,543 people groups. Out of these, there are 6,701 unreached – that is 42.1% of the world's people groups that have never heard or accepted the Good News of Jesus Christ!

God has commissioned Christians to spread this message of Good News to the entire world including every people group and language. We have over 6,000 language groups around the world that have not been reached by missionaries. Just prior to the Great Tribulation God is going to Select and Seal 144,000 messengers to bring Jesus’ good news of Salvation to everyone on earth. These messengers will be from every language group and people group on earth. As soon as God seals them they will be ready to spread the Good News message to their local people groups.


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These are highly important prophecy videos. Recommended Watching Sequence. Start with the Sea Beast War series then proceed to the Earth Beast. Viewing the studies in this sequence is BEST for the first time.

Sea Beast WAR – Part 1 – The Four Beasts of Revelation.

Sea Beast WAR – Part 2 – Daniel Chapter 2 and 7 Explained.

Sea Beast WAR – Part 3 – The Little Horn in Daniel 7 Identified.

Sea Beast WAR – Part 4 – Revelation 13:1 Beast Identified.


Earth Beast – Part 1 – The Earth Beast Arrives.

Earth Beast – Part 2 – Impersonating Jesus on Earth.

Earth Beast – Part 3 – The Great Tribulation is Near

Earth Beast – Part 4 – The Real Anti-Christ Arrives