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Bible Prophecy Revealed

Feb 9, 2021

Part 1: The Earth Beast in Rev 13:11 is the Devil and he will appear alive on earth at the 5th Trumpet. After Jesus releases him from the abyss he will come down from the Sky and impersonate Jesus coming in the clouds of glory. Accompanying him in the clouds will be 200,000,000 of his evil Angels. God restricts the devil's activities by only allowing him to appear at one point on the globe at a time and will not be seen by everyone at once.

He will masquerade as Jesus and will perform great miracles and amazing feats on earth. In Revelation 13:11 the devil emerges from the earth. There are many Bible texts supporting this fact. The Bible teaches that God cast Lucifer the devil into the earth along with his evil Angels. The earth is called the abyss and it is a spiritual ‘holding’ place that God has established to restrict the activities of Satan and his evil Angels. Today the devil and his evil Angels are still restricted to the abyss and they do not appear in person on earth but this is soon to change.

The devil is the actual original anti-Christ. He opposed Christ both in heaven and now opposes him on earth and will do anything to cause pain on Jesus and the Father. The devil knows his time is short so he's very active, in the latter days, accomplishing as much evil as possibly.

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