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Bible Prophecy Revealed

Oct 31, 2020

The Devil will appear alive, in person at the End of Days. The End of Days on earth is also called the Great Tribulation in the Book of Revelation. It will last exactly 1,335 days. During this time Lucifer the Devil will be active on earth causing death and destruction by working his evil influence through the SEA Beast from Revelation 13:1. Initially the Devil will be restricted to ‘pulling the strings’ of his evil surrogate... the SEA Beast.

The Sea Beast is a 7 Headed Religious Organization formed from the major religions on earth. In Rev 13:1 this Beast is said to have 7 Heads with each head having a Blasphemous name written on its head. All of these religions are an insult to the God of heaven. The issue that this 7 headed religious group will address is to find a way to appease God so that no further destruction will occur to the earth. At this point the first four trumpets of Revelation will have released God's wrath on earth killing billions of people. I know this sounds unbelievable but the Bible teaches this truth. Don't forget that God is wrapping up the sin issues on earth and this is how he's going to separate everyone into either worshiping him as a sheep or worshiping the devil as a goat.

The SEA Beast will be empowered for 42 months or using a day for a day formula for determining the time this amounts to 1,260 days. During the first 2/3 of the 1,260 days the Devil will not actually be seen, or be visible on earth. This will change at the 5th trumpet when God allows the Devil to impersonate Jesus. The Devil and his 200 million strong band of evil Angels will descend on earth from the sky and impersonate Jesus. The Devil will be very majestic, beautiful, and will fool many people into thinking that he really is Jesus. The Devil will use all his evil power to trick as many people as he can into following him. Only by being grounded in the Bible and end time prophecies will a person be able to discern the Truth and resist his tricks. Many people will not be interested in the Truth but will follow the impostor Lucifer also called Satan for the earthly benefits the Devil can immediately supply.

When Lucifer appears on earth at approximately the 880th day… he will be kind like Jesus but after tricking everyone (except the Bible grounded saints) for 5 months with his Lamb Like impersonation of Jesus he will change character into a Dragon like evil tyrant. Lucifer the Devil will dissolve all the religions of the world and set up a Theocracy with him at it’s head. In Revelation this is called the IMAGE to the Beast. It’s a one world government with Lucifer as it’s Religious Head and as it’s Civil Government’s Head. He will rule the world during the 6th Trumpet.

As world ruler Lucifer will eliminate all opposition to his rule and will issue a decree that if you DON’T have his mark… the dreaded 666 tattoo you cannot buy or sell. You can’t purchase the necessities of life. In addition to this decree he orders the KILLING of 1/3 of the population on earth – ALL his enemies and those who won’t bow their knee to his Theocracy.

Now you know WHY it’s called the Great Tribulation… because it is! More on this in future videos.