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Bible Prophecy Revealed

Oct 24, 2020

The ‘End of Days’ is very near according to the Bible book of Daniel. The “end of days” will be revealed to be an exact number of days... exactly 1,335 days.  Everyone wants to know when the end of the world will occur. This is a question that people have been asking about for hundreds of years. The whole world will know when the first day of the Great Tribulation begins because it will be accompanied by earthquakes, thunder, rumblings and lightning then God's wrath will be released.

Shortly after God’s wrath is released in the first four trumpets…  the BEAST from the SEA will emerge followed by the BEAST from the LAND. The BEAST from the SEA is a global religious and civil government that will rule by Martial Law during this tumultuous period of 1,335 days. What is interesting about this prophecy is that the BEAST from the LAND initially will not be seen but will influence the activities of the BEAST from the SEA.

Later during the great tribulation… approximately 2/3 of the way into the 1335 days Lucifer [the LAND BEAST] will be allowed by God to appear in person… impersonating Jesus. The Devil’s impersonation of Jesus will be very convincing and unbelievably powerful. Many people that are not grounded in Bible prophecy will be deceived and be lost. This is why we are producing these videos today. To help you understand what will come in the future so that it will not catch you unaware of the Devils ways and snares.

This video focuses on establishing that we are in the last days on earth. In our next video we will show you how the devil will appear and how he will try to deceive the people on earth and how he will set up his Kingdom on earth and rule As King of King and Lord of Lords.