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Bible Prophecy Revealed

May 16, 2021

In some of my Prophecy videos I have referred to the ‘EVENT’ of the censer being Cast Down onto the earth that signals the ‘START’ of the 1,335 Days of the Great Tribulation. In this and the next few videos of  What’s Up with Prophecy Today… I am going to share the reason why I believe the censer being Cast Down is so important. In order show you why this event is so important I am going to review some of the KEY ELEMENTS of God’s Tabernacle in the desert.

The BIBLE says that God’s Ways are in the sanctuary. [ see Psalms 77:13 ] There are actually Four different Temples
referenced in the Bible.

  1. The Tabernacle in the Desert
  2. Solomon’s Temple
  3. Zerubbabel’s Temple
  4. Herod’s  Temple

How did the Desert Tabernacle get designed and built? Simple… God Ordered it built! Did you know that the
Earthly Tabernacle that Moses built was modeled after the Heavenly Sanctuary? There are Two Sanctuaries…
the Real One in Heaven and the Earthly Teaching Sanctuary . The God used the Earthly Sanctuary to Teach the Plan of Salvation. Just as a child’s ‘Play’ House is NOT 100% identical to a ‘Real’ House… the Earthly Teaching Sanctuary is NOT 100% like the Heavenly Sanctuary and its Services.

This video is the foundation for the follow-on videos on the Sanctuary.