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Bible Prophecy Revealed

Sep 8, 2020

Prophecies in the Bible need valid rules for you to understand their meaning. God has not provided us with prophecies in the Bible without providing us with valid rules to understand His prophecies. God is a God of immense order. Just look around the universe and see the order and the way God has created the various stars and galaxies etc.

This short study on the Keys to Understanding Bible Prophecy will be a foundation for your further studies into Prophecy. As we present future prophecy studies you may want to come back to this video and refresh your understanding of the rules presented here.

Anyone who correctly applies these prophecy rules should get the same understanding of the prophecy as we present in our videos. No prophecy should be of any ‘private interpretation’. This means that if you cannot show how you arrived at your understanding of a given prophecy and the rules you used to arrive at your explanation then your explanation is a ‘private one’ that God does not condone.

My hope is that you will follow my videos, study the Bible for yourself and see if I am telling the truth. That’s my only GOAL… to tell the TRUTH as I understand it from the Bible. If you need additional information on a point or if you have a different understanding leave a comment under the video and I will try and give you an answer. Again, my goal is not to scare anyone or badmouth anyone. My goal is only to share what I believe God has revealed to me by the Holy Spirit and share it with you.

The Prophecy Rules are at these TIME MARKERS:

Rule #1 [Order] 4:00

Rule #2 [Fulfillment] 6:04

Rule #3 [Language] 7:42

Rule #4 [Time]11:02