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Bible Prophecy Revealed

Feb 28, 2022

Today we continue with our study of the services in the Jewish Temple in the Desert. We learn how the average person, the ‘common person’, confesses his sins to God and receives forgiveness. This study gives you a brief overview of the Sanctuary elements especially where the common person brings his sacrificial animal and meets the Priest to confess his sins on the animal’s head.

We learn that the person’s sins are not forgiven but are transferred to the Horns on the Bronze Altar with the blood of the sacrificial animal. Yes – God forgives the sinner who confesses his sins to God but the sins themselves are transferred into the sanctuary.

In a future video I will show you how God illustrates to us how the earthly sanctuary is cleansed of the sins that accumulate there over the year. Stay tuned for the future videos that illustrate this important event.