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Bible Prophecy Revealed

Nov 5, 2018

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What are Bible Storyboards?

Over the past several years I have released many Bible Prophecy videos on Daniel and Revelation. While the videos have been viewed and appreciated widely, I felt there was a need for a simple home prophecy study guide that an individual or small group could use to study the upcoming Great Tribulation story directly from their own bible.

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Today’s Study:

1,335 Days of the Great Tribulation – Part 1

This Overview of the upcoming Great Tribulation mentions in the Book of Revelation will be broken up into several studies.  This Part 1 will be an overview of the KEY elements of the Great Tribulation.  In successive studies additional details will be added to fill-in the story.  Part 1 will not answer all of your questions but will give you a foundation to future studies.

The Book of Life was sealed by God the Father, with 7 Seals, before Jesus created anything “from the foundations of the world” (See Rev. 17:18) In the book of Revelations each seal is opened and certain events are described as each seal is “opened” (see separate study on the Seals).  In this Part 1 of the 1,335 days we find that Seals 1,2 and 3 have already been opened.  At the start of the 1,335 days the 4th Seal of opened, later… when the 5th Seal is opened the Devil will appear LIVE on the earth, and finally when the 6th Seal is opened, Jesus 2nd Coming occurs.