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Bible Prophecy Revealed

Dec 15, 2020

God the Father sealed the book of life that is sealed with seven seals. God the father wrote the book of life before anything was created. Before the Angels in heaven were created and before the earth in human beings were created. The book of life is actually the history of mankind written before God Created anything. In the Book of Revelation it describes the opening of the seven seals. As each seal is opened it reveals a new aspect of Jesus.

Part 3: Very few people or churches actually study the book of life that is sealed with seven seals. This is unfortunate because the book of life with it 7 seals is very important to understand. I believe that the 1st three seals of the book of life have already been opened and we're just approaching the opening of the fourth seal. When the 4th Seal is open God's wrath will be poured out on earth. This will bring on the great tribulation and it's 1335 days of God's wrath.

The three sermons in this mini series cover the seven seals. I believe you'll get a great blessing from hearing and studying the information presented in these studies.