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Bible Prophecy Revealed

Aug 31, 2020

God’s wrath is about to be released on America and the rest of the World. God has permitted sin to exist on planet earth for 6,000 years to allow Lucifer [ the devil ] to demonstrate how he would govern if given a chance. You can look around America and the world and see strife, riots, robbery, looting, killings and every evil perverted act being committed in open rebellion to God’s will for mankind. Even the elected leaders of world are committing these evil deeds.

How long will the God of Heaven permit earth to continue in our sinful ways? NOT MUCH LONGER! God is going to bring the sinful activities on earth to a swift end soon and expose Lucifer’s Lies. EVERYONE on earth will be soon tested by God and at the end of this testing there will only be Goats [ on Lucifer’s Side ] and Sheep [ on Jesus’ Side ] standing when Jesus returns to claim his children. It’s up to you to study the Bible for yourself and see what God has in store for Planet Earth and for you during the upcoming 1,335 days of the Great Tribulation. Don’t be caught sleeping like the 10 virgins in the Bible.

I have broken down the upcoming Great Tribulation in this short video into 10 STEPS… only for ease of telling the story. This video is only an overview so I have kept it brief so you could get the Big Picture. I plan on releasing follow-on videos weekly to fill out the story based on my understanding of Bible Prophecy.

My hope is that you will follow my videos, study the Bible for yourself and see if I am telling the truth. That’s my only GOAL… to tell the TRUTH as I understand it from the Bible. If you need additional information on a point or if you have a different understanding leave a comment under the video and I will try and give you an answer. Again, my goal is not to scare anyone or badmouth anyone. My goal is only to share what I believe God has revealed to me by the Holy Spirit and share it with you.


The Key Steps are at these TIME MARKERS:

Step #1 [Selection of the 144,000] 4:09

Step #2 [The Censer is Cast Down] 4:50

Step #3 [Book of Life – Seal #4 Opened] 5:27

Step #4 [First Four Trumpets Sound] 6:04

Step #5 [Fifth Trumpet Sounds – Devil arrives] 10:27

Step #6 [Fifth Seal Opened & 6th Trumpets Sounds] 12:50

Step #7 [Seventh Trumpet Sounds] 14:50

Step #8 [Seven Last Plagues] 15:45

Step #9 [6th Seal Opened-Jesus Returns] 17:00

Step #10 [Great White Throne Judgment] 17:45

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