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Bible Prophecy Revealed

Sep 23, 2020

Lucifer was the first Angel in heaven that was created. Jesus created Lucifer 1st and then he created all the other Angels. I don’t think that Lucifer or the other angels ever saw Jesus create anything. Jesus walked daily with the angels and was their friend and leader in heaven.

Lucifer was given a high position in heaven as the covering Angel over God the Father. He sat on the left hand side of God the Father. Jesus sat next to God the Father in the honored right hand position. In heaven amongst the Angels Jesus was called Michael the Archangel. When Jesus came to earth we called him Jesus and that's how we know him.  

Overtime Lucifer became jealous of the honor that Jesus was given by God the Father. The Bible doesn't indicate how long it took for Lucifer to become jealous of Jesus. The length of time may have been thousands of years but we don't know… it's pure speculation. So the question is why did Lucifer become jealous of Jesus?

Lucifer was beautiful and intelligent and had great abilities and talents but the Bible indicates that Jesus was not of exceptional beauty but had average looks. This difference in looks may have led Lucifer to think that because he was better looking than Jesus and he was a leader that the other Angels respected that he should have the same privileges and honor as Jesus has with the Father.

We don't know exactly the reasons Lucifer felt jealous of Jesus but we know from the Bible that he desired to be elevated to a position higher then Jesus and possibly even higher than God the Father. His ambitions for himself were based on pride. Based on Lucifer's pride he started to grumble about Jesus and God the Father and cause discontent amongst the angels in heaven. Lucifer cast doubt about God the Fathers rules suggesting they were unfair and they were impossible to follow and obey. Lucifer suggested that God’s rules were unjust and made to trip up the angels.

This first video teaching on Lucifer focuses on his activities in Heaven as documented in the Bible. The following videos on Lucifer will cover the warnings given us from mainly the new testament with special focus on the book of Revelation. Be sure to subscribe to this channel to be notifies when these prophecy videos are released.

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