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Bible Prophecy Revealed

Jun 29, 2020

Some people depict this Earth Beast as a BUFFALO that represents the United States in Prophecy. Others believe it’s the Anti-Christ and finally some even believe it’s the Devil himself. In this study I will investigate this beast from the earth and I will give you my understanding. Of course I’m just one voice trying to understand the book of Revelation and I encourage you to study this prophecy for yourself. The Bible should be your only authority… not me or anyone else. Sola Scriptura!


In the book of Revelation there are four different beasts or animals depicted. The first one is the Great Red Dragon found in Revelation 12:, the second is the Lamb that is found in Revelation 17:, the third is what some call the Composite Beast found in Revelation 13:1 and finally the last beast (today’s study) is found in Revelation 13:11~18. I will cover the Composite Beast (Rev 13:1) in a follow-on series after this study. Stay Tuned!


In this study I will go through each one of the 8 texts in Revelation 13: 11 to 18 and give you my text-by-text analysis of this BEAST. I am keeping these videos short (~10 minutes) because I know you are busy so I realize you will have many questions. Please leave your questions in the Comment area or email them to me at .


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Here is a Timeline JUMP to the various parts of this video.

  1. Two Beasts from Rev 13: 1:00
  2. Keys to understanding SYMBOLIC words 1:15
  3. Is a Beast ALWAYS a Kingdom? 3:00
  4. Four Animals found in Rev 13 4:30
  5. What do the 4 Animals represent? 7:00