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Bible Prophecy Revealed

Nov 5, 2018

Today’s Study:

Part 6.  After about 2/3 of the 1,335 days (~881 days of 2 ½ years later) the 5th Trumpet will sound.  Jesus will release the Devil and 200,000,000 evil angels from the spirit world – the ABYSS – upon the world.  The Devil and his evil angels will descent from the clouds to impersonate the 2nd coming of Jesus.  The devil is not able to be in multiple places at once so this impersonation of Jesus’ coming in the clouds will have to be repeated around the world.  Initially, the Devil will be “lamb like” – more like Jesus.  He will lavish help, food, supplies, medicine …etc. on the survivors around the world and encourage the various global religious organizations.  (More on this in later studies)