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Bible Prophecy Revealed

Feb 16, 2022

In this video we start the detailed examination of the Sanctuary in the Desert that God instructed Moses to build. Over the next several videos we will be examining various aspects of the furniture and the services conducted in it. Many excellent books have been written that delve into all the aspects of the sanctuary, but this series of videos will focus on two key points.

The forgiveness of INDIVIDUAL SINS and the FORGIVENESS of CORPORATE SINS. The activities in the sanctuary for each of these two sins are quite different. If you happen to start watching these videos in the middle, I highly recommend that you go to the beginning and view them in sequence. See the links below for this series.


God’s Tabernacle – Part 1.   Link:

The Three Gods of the Bible.   Link:

Creating the Plan.   Link:

Are Blood Sacrifices Still Required?   Link: