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Bible Prophecy Revealed

Mar 28, 2021

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Recommended Watching Sequence. Start with the Sea Beast War series then proceed to the Earth Beast. Viewing the studies in this sequence is BEST for the first time.

Sea Beast WAR – Part 1 – The Four Beasts of Revelation.

Sea Beast WAR – Part 2 – Daniel Chapter 2 and 7 Explained.

Sea Beast WAR – Part 3 – The Little Horn in Daniel 7 Identified.

Sea Beast WAR – Part 4 – Revelation 13:1 Beast Identified.


Earth Beast – Part 1 – The Earth Beast Arrives.

Earth Beast – Part 2 – Impersonating Jesus on Earth.

Earth Beast – Part 3 – The Great Tribulation is Near

Earth Beast – Part 4 – The Real Anti-Christ Arrives


What have learned today?

1.Follow the Prophecy Rules when trying to understand a Prophecy. Sometimes a ‘Fiery Mountain’ can be understood in today’s time as an Asteroid.
2.When the 4th Seal on the Book of Life of opens Jesus will release Trumpet JUDGEMENTS onto the EARTH killing 25% of the population.
3.The opening of the 4th SEAL releases the 7 Trump Judgments  - Two separate ASTEROIDS [ 2nd and 3rd Trumpets ] will impact the EARTH killing 25%  of the population.